Saturday, March 19, 2011

Firewood Calculator

Firewood Calculator


Calculate firewood sizes and reference wood species along with their weight/ BTUMake sure you are paying for the correct size and type of firewood!
The Firewood Calculator allows the user to calculate Face Cord and Full Cord based off of their wood pile size.
When you are purchasing firewood use the Firewood Calculator to make sure you are getting what you paid for. It can save you money and prevent the thousands of firewood sellers from taking advantage of you.
No longer do you have to stack your wood in 4x4x8 piles, just stack it however you want and measure it using the Firewood Calculator.
The Firewood Calculator also comes with a reference of wood species, along with their weight and British Thermal Unit ( BTU ) per cord. Make sure to ask what type of wood you are buying and use the Firewood Calculator to determine if its a good burning wood species.
Supports Feet and Meters
Thanks and stay warm!
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